Hey girl, have you seen her?
When's Minnie gonna get here?
Well, I thought she'd be here by now
Yeah, the party's no fun without Minnie Mouse!
Is she in? Is she in? Is Minnie in?
When Minnie walks in then the fun begins!
The place is hummin', drummin', waitin' for her
When's she gonna get here?
We all adore her
The whole place sounds like a beehive buzzin'
'Cause in here she's the Queen Bee-lieve me...
Me too!
Me three!
We're talkin', talkin', talkin' about her
I wish she'd hurry up, it's no fun without her!
Have you heard? Have you heard?
Have you heard what's the word?
The word is Minnie! Minnie!
Yeah, Minnie's the one we're waitin' for
To soar through the door and score on the dance floor
Yo! Check it out! Catch the spin
Put a grin on your chin 'cause Minnie is in!
Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse is in the house
Now Minnie's here and it's a mouse house party
Go tell it to Michael and Mona and Marty
Gonna twirl, gonna swirl, and ride the groove
And when you see her you've got to...
Move, baby, move to the motion
Of the soundwaves like an ocean
Now I'm thinkin', don't just stand there blinkin'
She just walked in all pretty and pink and...
Hocus Pocus!
She's a polka-dot princess, she's got the focus
She sticks with Mick through thick and thin
So put a grin on your chin 'cause Minnie is in!
Now you know no one would ever dis her
If she went away, we would really miss her
The dance floor is her
Heart and soul territory
That's her story
The story of Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse
In the house
In the house
Mick's girlfriend is in the mix
So, take a chance an'
Take a glance an'
Catch her dancin'
All the night and all the day
And you know what I'm going to say
Say when Minnie's here then the fun begins
So put a grin on your chin...
'Cause Minnie is in!