It's alright
It's alright when you can just imagine
There's no face, she's not real
And you can tell yourself it's all okay

But she's here
And my heart cries this isn't happening
But the truth is cold and real
And I know this storm won't go away

Now that I've seen her
There's no way to hide
She is not some fling
From long ago
Now that I've seen her
I know why he lied
And I think it was better when I didn't know

In her eyes, in her voice
In the heat that filled the air
Part of him still lingers there
I know what pain her life today must be
But if it all comes down to her or me
I don't care, I swear, I'll fight

Now that I've seen her
She's more than a name
I don't hate this girl even so
Now that I've seen her
I can't stay the same
Who's this man that I always trusted?
Now I have to know