Last night I watched him sleeping
My body pressed to him
And then he started speaking
The name I heard him speak...was Kim
Yes I know that this was years ago
But when moonlight fills my room I know
You are here... still

I still
I still believe
You will return
I know you will
My heart
Against all odds
Holds still

Yes, still
I still believe
I know as long as I can keep believing, I'll live
I'll live
Love cannot die
You will return
You will return
And I alone know why

(In a bedroom on the other side of the world, in America. A woman is sitting
beside CHRIS who is sleeping. She is ELLEN, CHRIS's wife)

Last night I watched you sleeping
Once more, the nightmare came
I heard you cry out something
A word that sounded like... a name
And it hurts me more than I can bear
Knowing part of you I'll never share
Never know

But still
I still believe
The time will come
When nothing keeps us apart
My heart, forever more
Holds still

(CHRIS wakes up from his sleep with a cry. ELLEN takes him in her arms and
calms him)

It's all over, I'm here
There is nothing to fear
Chris, what's haunting you?
Won't you let me inside
What you so want to hide!
I need you too!

For still I will hold you all night, I will make
It all right
I still believe You are safe with me
As long as I And I wish you could tell what you don't
Can keep believing Want to tell
I'll live What your hell must be

I'll live You can sleep now
You will return You can cry now
And I know why I'm your wife now
I'm yours For life
Until we die Until we die

(In America, CHRIS holds ELLEN; in Vietnam, KIM is alone in her room.)