The first time I saw him was on 5th and main said his thirst was for wine and he sure could, use some change
He said wine can’t replace a good woman’s love but one thing it does son when she’s gone it eases the pain
He spoke of a love he had ten years ago he said you know I still love her today
And as he walked to the corner, this is what I heard him say
Pencils for sale, rings made from nails, I’m sure I got something for you
Hollywood maps for tourists that are only passing through
Pencils for sale, rings made from nails look them over take your time
Cos right now my thirst has never been worse and I could sure use them nickels and dimes
He said he hung out at most of the bars to hide scars folks cannot see
For son the wounds that are the deepest they’re the ones locked inside of me
A memory can cut through your soul like the cold blade of a jagged knife
And the times I used to hold her they were the best times of my life
but now it’s….