The Book of Mormon
I Believe

Elder Price:
Ever since I was a child I tried to be the best
So what happened?
My family and friends all said I was blessed
So what happened?
Your'e supposed to be all so excited to be teaching of Christ cross the sea
I can't allow my faith to be shaken
Oh what's the matter with me?

I've always longed to help the needy,
To do the things I never dared,
This was the time for me to step up
So then why was I so scared?

A warlord who shoots people in the face.
What's so scary about that?
I must trust that my Lord is mightier
And always has my back.
Now I must be completly devout
I can't have even one shred of doubt...

I Believe; that the Lord, God, created the universe
I Believe; that He sent His only Son to die for my sins
And I Believe; that ancient Jews built boats and sailed to America
I am a Mormon
And a Mormon just believes

You cannot just believe part way,
You have to believe in it all.
The problem is doubting the Lord's will
Instead of standing tall

I can't allow myself to have any doubt
It's time to set my worries free
Time to show the world what Elder Price is about!
And share the power inside of me...

I Believe; that God has a plan for all of us
I Believe; that plan involves me getting my own planet
And I Believe; that the current President of The Church, Thomas Modson, speaks directly to God
I am A Mormon
And dang it! a Mormon just believes!

I know that I must go and do
The things my God commands
I realize now why He sent me here

You ask the Lord in faith
He will always answer you
Just believe in Him
And have no fear!

I Believe; that Satan has a hold of you
I Believe; that the Lord, God, has sent me here
And I Believe; that in 1978 God changed his mind about black people!
You can be a Mormon
A Mormon who just believes!

And now I can feel the excitement
This is the moment I was born to do
And I feel so incredible
To be sharing my faith with you

The Scriptures say that if you ask anything
God Himself will know
But you must ask Him without any doubt
And let your spirit grow...

I Believe; that God lives on a planet called Kolob
I Believe; that Jesus has his own planet as well
And I Believe; that the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri
You can be a Mormon: you'll feel it
And you'll know it's all true: you just... feel it
You'll be a Mormon
By gosh!
A Mormon just...