This Time
cara dillon
After the morning
when all is said and done
you're still a lucky one
and i've lost out again this time
you said that we were strong
said that we'd go on and on
do you see that you were wrong this time?
now i want to tell you

if you wanted to break me
if you wanted to see me falling
i'll make it easy for you
no, you won't have to try
really think you should know that
come the morning light
there'll be no-one left to fight

you say i'm not to blame
things don't often go your way
well maybe you were wrong this time
cos from where i'm standing now
it doesn't matter any how
we've lost too many friends this time
now i need to tell you

when darkness follows you home at night
and all the voices drown you out
this world is turning us inside out
do you believe it is worth the fight