A touch of April in your smile
July and August in your yellow hair
A sweet September in your eyes
November notions in the clothes you wear
You're every season's work of art
But there's a cold December in your heart
It seemed to me the day we met that all
The flowers had begun to bloom
I thought you'd help me to forget
The dusty shadows of my lonely room
I should have known right from the start
About the cold December in your heart
I loved you more and more each day
Through every season of the year
Your lovin' laughter seemed to say
Your life was empty when I wasn't near
Old love would lead you to the grave
I was a fool to think you loved my too
You always took but you never gave
Until you've taken all my love for you
I feel a chill I must depart and leave
The cold December in your heart
In your heart, in your heart