(Choir:)Respice, quaesumus,
DomineFamulam tuam
EvitaIn infirmitate
Et animam refove, quam creasti
Ut castigationibus emendata
Se tua sentiat medicina salvatam
Per Christum,
DominuumQui vivit et regnat
Per omnia saecula saeculorum
AmenLook with favor, we beseech
Thee, Oh Lord
Upon Thy handmaid
EvitaIn her weakness
And refresh the soul which
Thou hast created
That being corrected by
Thy chastisement
She may find herself cured by
Thy healing
Through Christ,
Our LordWho lives and reigns
Forever and ever
She had her moments, she had some style
The best show in town was the crowd
Outside the
Casa Rosada crying, "Eva Peron"
But that's all gone now